General Rules

  1. A Release of Liability Waiver must be thoroughly read and signed by each rider.
  2. Parents and Guardians must sign a waiver for children 17 years old and younger.
  3. Helmets are considered personal protective equipment. It is recommended that all persons wear a helmet.
  4. Riders 17 years old and under are required to wear a helmet.
  5. Only one rider per horse.
  6. Appropriate riding attire is recommended.
  7. Ride to the level of the least experienced rider or horse.
  8. Relay hazards to the rider behind you.
  9. If you stop, do not ride off until everyone is ready to depart.
  10. Do not ride alone. If you want to ride without a guide, please sign in and sign out. Always let someone know where you are riding.
  11. Riders are asked to follow common sense trail etiquette. No tailgating! If your horse kicks, please use a red ribbon on their tail, move off the trail when encountering other trail users, and no running up behind other horses.
  12. No stallions or mares with foals at their side are allowed.